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January 22, 2009


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Paula Eder

I love your practical, down-to-earth insights and advice. You shed wonderful light on problems like thumb pain - and help break things down into manageable pieces. This is a gift - thank you for sharing it!

Emerline Gordon

Even though I am still experiencing some cts pain, I am not as worried as I used to before reading your documents on the said topic. Your information and advice have helped me tremendously.

I truly believe that as I continue to follow up your website that one day I will be writing again to you and this time it will be a testimony of complete recovery.

Everybody should read this website. May God bless you Kathryn and thanks again for all your kind words of encouragement.

E. Gordon
Trinidad W.I.

Kathryn Merrow - The Pain Relief Coach

Dear Emerline,

I appreciate your comments and am so happy you are having benefits. Taking the worry out of the equation is 1/3 of the battle. Becoming educated is another 1/3 and taking action is the last 1/3 (and possibly the most important!)

You are living proof that we all have smart bodies which want to be well and which CAN be well in most cases.

Thank you for your kind words.

Much appreciation,

Kathryn Merrow
The Pain Relief Coach

marcello cortez

thumb shooting pain when opening a door or pulling movement

just started about a week ago

Kathryn Merrow--The Pain Relief Coach

Hi Marcello,

Look to the muscles in your forearm and the pad of your thumb. Explore them with your other hand and look for areas of tenderness or tightness. Those are the areas to apply pressure or massage. When you pull or open a door, if you wrap your "good" hand around the middle of your lower arm, you will feel the muscles in your lower arm working.

Somewhere in your lower arm or around the thumb you will likely find the culprit that is causing the pain in your thumb.

"Shooting" pain sometimes means a nerve is involved. Does it feel like nervy pain to you? If so, muscle or bone is pressing on a nerve. Usually it's muscle. Muscles move bones so in either case it's the muscles that need treatment as a rule. Hope this helps you get rid of the shooting pain in your thumb.


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  • "G'Day Kathy, Thank you very much for ALL your helpful info. My symptoms have improved 10000000% with back exercises and your input. I have found a very intelligent lady (here) who understands the importance of muscle and massage and exercise to stimulate the brain. Have sufferd for decades and was getting worse. I owe much to YOU and her. Cheers, - Garry Allen, Australia - PS I used to play drums in my own band. Guess what I am again doing - after 30 years. Thank you again Kathy.
  • "Thank you SOOOOO much! I felt better after just one night of following your advice, and after the second night almost normal!" - Lori S., Weston OH
  • "Hi Kathryn, I recently developed carpal tunnel in my right hand (9 months since I started noticing signif. tingling; now it is painful). The doctors have offered little more than suggesting braces and anti-inflammatory and what I find on the internet is all over the place and often extremely depressing. Your "page" is so encouraging. I have been searching for some ways to manage and reduce the causes, and so I'll be following the advice here. Mostly, I am relieved to have a source of information now that is helpful and positive. So thank you!" - Caroline Brown, by email
  • "My carpal tunnel is almost all gone. The best help I 'think', was my posture, next was self massage and stretching. I rarely wear my brace anymore. Learning that all these muscles work together has made me realize that the supposedely Carpal Tunnel was just a symtom of something else going on." - Beverly C., by email
  • "Thank you so much for your information, it is something I have never heard before. I am thrilled to try out these techniques and do think that the scalene issue might be the key for I constantly have pain between my shoulder blades, have big knots along the spine exactly where you say and do hold my head forward. You may have hit the nail on the head."--Riannen Schlosser, Lodi CA (concerned about carpal tunnel pain)
  • "Thank you for the link - I did do the muscle assessment and it is definitely helping. I will continue to do what's in this report and hopefully will avoid surgery. I'm very happy with the results so far."--Rose Curran, Austin TX
  • "I don't remember a lot of the stuff in the wrist pain booklet, but I remember the part about sleeping on your back to keep your chest open, and I do that. And my wrists do hurt less!"--Kay Heil, New Boston MI
  • "My wife, Dave and I are all sitting up straighter and doing some of your exercises. It is always a pleasure to work with someone that really knows about what they are doing, makes my job easier. Thanks."--PJ Caporuscio, ABC Radio & TV Productions
  • "Thank you again, that is also very helpful. Little by little, I am conquering the knot! : ) "--Katey Cooper, ProVision Creative Web & Print Design
  • "Really like your content, for purely selfish reasons. I've lived with chronic shoulder pain from migraines. Tried lots of things and your simple suggestions had an excellent response in my body. I look forward to reading and learning more!"--Patrice Dunckley

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