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June 23, 2009


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Hey thanks for the information and guidance. I have heard that yoga is great for relaxation, maybe that's a good route to try.

Kathryn Merrow - The Pain Relief Coach

Yes, yoga is great for relaxation because it helps your body become balanced. When all of your muscles are being used--stretched and strengthened--your body is in balance. A body in balance is a happy body. Stress goes down and so do aches and pains.

Jan Keith

I had carpel tunnel surgery Wednesday Aug 4 & had the half cast off today.It is on the left hand. I can move, bend stretch all the finger but the pinkie finger. If I bend it it shoots pain up my palm & into the wrist. I had not had trouble with the pinkie just the common CTS symptoms. I asked the therapist about it & all he said was That nerve was not involved in the surgery. I have been working with it today & the pain seems to be getting worse. I am confused because when I had my right hand done years ago. It did not hurt my pinkie at all. Just asking what your thoughts are. if this continues i will go back Friday but hate to have to waste the time if it is nothing. Thanks
Jan Keith

Kathryn Merrow - The Pain Relief Coach

Hi Jan, It's not "nothing" if it hurts you. Here's my best long-distance guess:

If the pain is on the palm-side of your baby finger, try this: Turn your palm up. Search deeply in the upper part of your lower arm 2/3 to 3/4 of the way toward the crease of your elbow on the side closest to your waist. You are looking for a tender area. That place can cause baby finger pain on the palm side of the finger. Press into the painful area and if it lessens, that's it!

If the pain is on the back side of your baby finger, there is muscle about mid-way on the back of your hand on the baby finger side. Press into the muscle on the outer side and between the outer bones and see if you find a tender place. If it is tender to the pressure and if it seems to lessen, that's it.

Don't be shy about exploring and pressing into these areas. Apply enough pressure so that you can feel discomfort.

Perhaps your brace was pressing into and aggravating one of these muscle areas.

I hope this helps.


Honey V.

Hi Kathryn! I don't know how to send you this message so i will just leave a comment here. I hope you will respond. I have some of the symptoms that the other reader posted. My symptoms are: numbness from time to time in my pinkie finger, pain in my forearm and upper arm (near the arm pit). I'm in the office all day (accounting job) but not typing for 1 hour straight. I also answer the phone or do phone interviews, paperworks or forms and other stuff not related to the computer. I'm on worker's comp right now because i was thinking that it was due to the computer. my doctor said that it's tennis elbow and i'm doing therapy 3 times a wk. I just want to know if this is really tennis elbow and not impingement of nerves. He said it's definitely not carpal tunnel based on my physical exam. Pls also let me know what i can do to help myself.

You're advice will be greatly appreciated.



Miss C

What is "it" if this is where there is pain and you aren't wearing a brace. What exactly is wrong?

"If the pain is on the back side of your baby finger, there is muscle about mid-way on the back of your hand on the baby finger side. Press into the muscle on the outer side and between the outer bones and see if you find a tender place. If it is tender to the pressure and if it seems to lessen, that's it."


Hi Miss C -

"It" is the place on the muscle that needs attention. The attention is pressure or pinching or rubbing. "It" is in the muscle.

"It" could be a trigger point if "it" causes pain on the back side of your baby finger when you press it.

I hope this helps. Thank you for asking and for helping me write more clearly.

The Pain Relief Coach


I have had this pain for a long time and when to numerous doctors had numerous tests...mis diagnosed a zillion times and finally just gave up when the pain started to go away after physical therapy. i stopped physical therapy about a month ago and the pain is back. finally i decided to google the one thing that stood out about it not being carpal tunnel. "pain in pinky finger". i stumbled on this. http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00069 it looks like i bend my elbow too much and put a lot of pressure on it sometimes. Those points that they're all saying to rub the muscle it does releive the pain at the time but the real damage is to the nerve not the muscle. i'm going to get checked for it next week and google some more about "Cubital Tunnel Syndrome"


Dear Samantha,

Sometimes we have to be our own doctor...or physical therapist...or researcher. Good job figuring out the probable cause of your pain. Now you have to stop irritating the elbow area.

The ulnar nerve runs through that part of the arm and if it is entrapped it will cause symptoms. Nerves do that when there is pressure on them. Sometimes the pressure is from bones but most often it is from muscles.

Thank you for sharing the information you found about cubital tunnel syndrome.

Vanessa Bell

Hello I just read all the info on this specific conditcondition and a lot was helpful but my symptons seem to be a little different. For the past year my right baby finger has been hurting around the top of the finger. My doctor says that its not rymotoid arthritis and that as we get older random body parts may give us some trouble. Its so frustrating bcuz when the pain starts its horrible! Its not constant but it last a long time to stop. The symptons mainly occur at night,almost like a muscle spasm that makes my pinky feel like its being smashed. I've tried everything but oddly the fastest way I've discovered to elevate some of the pain faster is for me to bite down on the top of my pinky and just apply a lot of pressure. I feel silly about complaining about my little finger but the pain is getting worse and sometimes prevents me from sleeping. Please someone tell me I'm not being a baby about this. I just want to know what to do or if its permanent.


Hi Vanessa,

That's what doctors say when they don't know what to say. It's such a shame most of them don't know more about the relationship between muscles and pain.

There is a muscle on the outer side of your hand. It runs between your baby finger and wrist. If you wiggle your baby finger while pressing on that edge of your hand you will feel muscle moving.

Press into that muscle about midway between your baby finger and wrist. Is it tender? Good! If it isn't tender, press deeper and move a bit along the muscle. You are searching for a trigger point. When you find it, hold it for about 12 seconds. You can do this a few times.

It is possible for a trigger point to develop in that place which will cause pain on the top side (back of hand side) of your little finger.

Trigger points are tender to the touch AND they refer or cause pain to be felt elsewhere.

You are not a baby and I'm betting it's not permanent. Let me know how this works for getting rid of the pain in your little finger.

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  • "G'Day Kathy, Thank you very much for ALL your helpful info. My symptoms have improved 10000000% with back exercises and your input. I have found a very intelligent lady (here) who understands the importance of muscle and massage and exercise to stimulate the brain. Have sufferd for decades and was getting worse. I owe much to YOU and her. Cheers, - Garry Allen, Australia - PS I used to play drums in my own band. Guess what I am again doing - after 30 years. Thank you again Kathy.
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  • "Hi Kathryn, I recently developed carpal tunnel in my right hand (9 months since I started noticing signif. tingling; now it is painful). The doctors have offered little more than suggesting braces and anti-inflammatory and what I find on the internet is all over the place and often extremely depressing. Your "page" is so encouraging. I have been searching for some ways to manage and reduce the causes, and so I'll be following the advice here. Mostly, I am relieved to have a source of information now that is helpful and positive. So thank you!" - Caroline Brown, by email
  • "My carpal tunnel is almost all gone. The best help I 'think', was my posture, next was self massage and stretching. I rarely wear my brace anymore. Learning that all these muscles work together has made me realize that the supposedely Carpal Tunnel was just a symtom of something else going on." - Beverly C., by email
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